Want to Waterproof your windows Mobile device?

The only time I’ve ever lost or killed a mobile device was when I dropped a Windows Mobile device overboard from a boat 🙁 Well Golden Shellback have come up with a unique coating for protecting electronic devices from exposure to weather and moisture. Check out the Video above to see how they are submerging…


T-Mobile AMEO 16GB now available

T-Mobile now have the Ameo 16GB available.  The successor to the Original Ameo this device has the upgraded 16GB flash (as opposed to 8GB HDD) as well as Windows Mobile 6.1 and integrated Co-Pilot satellite navigation! You can get more details HERE


WebKit based Browser now available on Windows Mobile via TorchMobile

A day doesn’t seem to go by without a new browser showdown or release but Vik pinged me about this development from TorchMobile and their Iris Browser which was really interesting.  The Iris Browser is based on the Webkit rendering engine which if you aren’t familiar with is an open source application framework that provides…


HTC Touch Diamond now available on Vodafone UK

I previously blogged about the announcement of this device on Vodafone but it’s now available to order! You can get it from HERE


Windows Mobile MVP Spotlight – Maarten Struys

Constanze has started interviewing some of the Windows Mobile MVP’s and publishing them.  First up is Maarten Struys from the Netherlands!


NFL Games to be streamed live on the internet

Completely offtopic but I just read this on JKOntheRun and got very excited!  NFL.COM will be streaming 1 live NFL game every Sunday as Sunday Night Football Extra. I won’t get my hopes up too much just yet as the announcement doesn’t confirm whether it will be available outside the US (I hope it is!)


Sony Reader now available for pre-order in the UK

With my daughter just a few days old I’ve slipped into the scary world of late night online purchases like I did with my son. Sleep depravation and the ease of online access do nothing for your bank balance when you are continually confronted with gadgets that you feel could fundamentally impact your life. This…


RIP Mobile Middleware?

I was reading an interesting post by MobileToday about Nokia’s move to remove the Blackberry Connect Client from their latest E Series of Devices.    Nokia plan NOT to ship the Blackberry client on their E71 and E66 devices but utilise the Mail for Exchange client that talks directly with Microsoft Exchange.   This client uses the…


The Next Version of Windows – ‘Mojave’

What do people think about Vista when they don’t know it’s Vista?  Well 120 people in San Francisco were shown the next version of Windows codenamed Mojave when it was actually Windows Vista! Some fascinating results from this! You can check them out HERE


Samsung Omnia i900 review

Arne over at the Unwired has written an excellent review of the Samsung i900.  I’ve personally been using this device myself for the past few weeks and I really like it!  Most people think I’m using an iPhone but are impressed when I give them the inside track on the i900. Compared to the iPhone…