Tech-ED EMEA – Windows Mobile Track – Give me your ideas!

This year I've got the great honour of running the Tech-Ed EMEA Windows Mobile Track!  This is the first time Windows Mobile has had it's own track at Tech-Ed so I want to make sure it is the best track at the whole conference!

To do that I need your help.......

What sessions do you want to see being run at Tech-Ed EMEA for Windows Mobile? 

  • Windows Mobile 6.1...?
  • Security...?
  • Development...?
  • System Center Mobile Device Manager...?
  • Deployment....?
  • etc...................

So feel free to post a comment or email me directly with your ideas!

I'm also looking for GREAT speakers to present too - so email me if you want to participate!

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  2. Ali says:

    What I really like to you to talk about is Windows Mobile 7.

  3. Here are some ideas that could be nice. I am pointing out the titles I would give them, you can rename as you prefer:

    1. "OK, now I’ve bought it, how can I take the most out of it?"

    2. "The Mobile Office: business use of Windows Mobile devices".

    3. "VOIP hands-on session – how to provision and use voice-over-ip"

    4. "It is not only business – it is a lot of fun"

    5. "Exchange Sync hands-on session"

    I hope this helps.

  4. Pim says:


    I probably will attend to Tech Ed in Spain, and what I would like to see and hear are the possibility’s of the System Center Mobile Device Manager,   Security (device encryption, remote wipe, etc.),  Exchange 2007 Activesync policy’s (also with Nokia and iPhone)  and of course some sneak preview to the new Windows Mobile version.

    Regards, Pim.

  5. Pim says:

    I’m forgetting something: applications on your Windows Mobile device.

    How about deployment, patching & updating but also: Terminal Service on Windows Mobile.

    Kind regards, Pim.

  6. jodonnell says:

    How about spending an hour showcasing ISV mobile solutions. What have ISV’s created for Windows Mobile that is really cool. What is the most successful mobile deployment and why.



  7. adebilloez says:

    > 3. "VOIP hands-on session – how to provision and use voice-over-ip"

    +1 and roadmap of "real" availability

    > 5. "Exchange Sync hands-on session"

    +1 a new WM device the IPhone ..and other

    + Finder friendly interface !

  8. m1k1 says:

    Whats new in 6.1

    Why is WM better than Blackberry for enterprise customers, how to beat BB

    VOIP, why there is no application to sett up VOIP

  9. MSDNArchive says:

    All – these are great suggestions… I’ll try and include as much as I can – of course we can’t talk about products we haven’t even confirmed exist 😉

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