Changing your Active Directory Password from a Windows Mobile Device

I've had a number of customers ask how a user can change their Active Directory password. 

This is typically for users that don't have a PC and may be using Exchange Activesync for messaging. 

There are a couple of ways you can do this (the second being the most interesting development)

1) You can use Outlook Web Access to reset the Active Directory password and then the user would have to update their Exchange Activesync settings and enter the new password.

2) Michael of Matrice in Motion a partner in Ireland figured out that our IAG product has a portal that allows you to change your Active Directory password from your Windows Mobile device.  The portal knows it is a Windows Mobile device and it sizes the portal accordingly, plus the password change feature works really well.

This feature is enabled by default 🙂


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  1. Carl says:

    I’m assuming a user can’t change their password using 2003 OWA?

    Also, will a WM device trying to sync with Exchange using a wrong password lock the AD account?

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