Technet Radio – Get More Security and Control with Mobile Device Manager

Last week I recorded an interview with Eric over on Technet Radio.  It was all about Security and Mobile Device Manager so if you are interested you can listen or download it using the links at the bottom of this post. Get More Security and Control with Mobile Device Manager In this TechNet Radio session,…


One Big weekend & Silverlight – Big Zoomy photo Thing

  This weekend was the BBC Radio 1 – One Big Weekend which is Europe’s biggest free festival.  It took place in Maidstone in Kent. Radio 1’s Army of photographers created a patchwork photo album using Silverlight that allows you to zoom in/around all the pictures. You will need to have Silverlight installed but check…


Motorola Q9c launches with Verizon Wireless

On Friday Verizon Wireless launched the Motorola Q9c device.  The device is a personal favourite of mine with it’s fantastic adaptive screen which makes reading the screen outdoors fantastic. The device will be available for $249.99. You can get more details HERE


Unlimited Data – is it becoming a reality?

At the start of this month Vodafone announced they were providing Unlimited Internet Access to their customers.  Previously you had to pay £7.50 for a measly 120MB.  This announcement now provides any customer who pays £25 per month with 500MB of Internet Access which isn’t ‘unlimited’ – but should be sufficient for most people!  If…


Samsung i200 now on Orange Website

The 3G Candy Bar Samsung i200 has now appeared on the Orange Business Website. I was using one of these devices for a few weeks and I have to say it was fantastic!   I’ve always liked 12 key devices and with Windows Mobile 6.1 on it I was gutted when I had to give it…


SMS Chat updated

Windows Mobile 6.1 includes threaded SMS but if you have an older device then SMS Chat may be of interest. It provides a threaded SMS interface for your SMS conversations and a whole bunch of other cool features such as the ability to switch onscreen alerts. hiding the onscreen SMS notification, the ability to create…

Yahoo Go! Beta Now available for Windows Mobile Standard devices

The Yahoo! Go 3.0 beta is now available for Windows Mobile Standard (non Touch Screen) devices. If you want to get it from your device just go to HERE A word of warning though – if you have a Professional device  (Touch Screen) then you will get Yahoo Go 2.0 instead…. Nice to see some…


Skyfire Beta 2 now available

I got a demo from a colleague of the Skyfire Mobile Browser which is now in Beta 2.  It’s very impressive!    Unfortunately as I’m outside of the US I can’t sign up for the beta 🙁 But if you are in the US you can sign up for the Beta Here.


HTC Touch Diamond Announcement

Today HTC announced the HTC Touch Diamond.    The video below shows the announcement!   The specification of the Diamond looks really interesting with: Qualcomm® MSM7201A™ 528 MHz Windows Mobile 6.1 7.2MB HSDPA Band VGA Screen 3.2 Mega Pixel Camera 4GB Flash Memory onboard Accelerometer and orientation sensor GPS FM Radio WiFi It also includes HTC…


XOBNI enters public beta

If you haven’t had a chance yet to try Xobni – I’d strongly suggest you head on over to their Download site now! Xobni (inbox backwards) is an application that sits in Outlook and enables you to see your past conversations with people, emails they’ve sent you and even do some analysis to see how…