System Center Mobile Device Manager information resources

I'm often asked for what content or collateral we have on System Center Mobile Device Manager. 

I've summarised the key content below so it may help get you up to speed quickly on this exciting new product!

Mobile Device Manager  Architecture Guide - This guide provides an overview of the MDM system, including server roles and components. MDM adds four main components on top of your existing infrastructure to deliver application packages, authenticated connection to line-of-business (LOB) applications, and Group Policy rules enforcement for managed devices.
Mobile Device Manager  Planning Guide  - Use this guide to design and plan your MDM deployment, and to configure and install the infrastructure components required to successfully deploy MDM. The guide includes a step-by-step checklist for configuring and deploying MDM. You must review and complete the configuration steps included here before you deploy the MDM system.
Mobile Device Manager  Deployment Guide - This guide provides the steps to configure Active Directory for MDM and to install the MDM servers. You must complete the pre-deployment planning and configuration steps provided in the MDM Planning Guide before you deploy the MDM system.
Mobile Device Manager  Security Guide  - This guide provides prescriptive guidance for configuring security-related features in MDM. Key security-related features include encrypted access to e-mail and LOB applications from the Internet, and certificate-based authentication for a virtual private network (VPN). Follow the guidelines provided here to help protect company data and communications when you implement MDM in your organization.

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