Windows Mobile Classics


Over the Bank Holiday Weekend I was clearing out my study which is currently being converted into a nursery for our second arrival (RTW July).

Over the years I've tried to keep hold of at least one of the many models of Windows Mobile devices that have been released.

As I was clearing out my study I collated a few of the phones together (scarily this is only about 50% of them) and took a quick photo.

If you look through there are some real classics here...

1) The Orange SPV E100. 

2) The Original O2 XDA

3) The Motorola MPX 200 - (I still think it was a great clam shell phone!)

4) The i-mate SP3 - probably the biggest leap forward in Windows Mobile Smartphone when it came out

5) The O2 XDA IIs with the slide up keyboard.

6) The HTC Wizard.

7) The Original Samsung i200 complete with 4GB hard drive

8) The Sierra Wireless Voq with it's fold out keyboard

9) The most unique Windows Mobile device - the HTC Universal in Ferrari Red - kindly given to me by Jim Morrison at i-mate! (Now if only I could get a Windows Mobile 6.1 build for that device!)

Comments (9)
  1. DanITman says:

    Any interest in selling any of them?

  2. MSDNArchive says:

    Dan – nope – sorry but they are history I don’t want to part with 🙂

  3. Alex says:

    re getting 6.1 for the red universal – ahem you can…

  4. alex says:

    not to mention the mpx 300 which never really made it into full time production

  5. warreb says:

    what about the original orange spv (canary) smartphone

    i had a whole host of the windows phones til i cleared out a draw and sold them all on ebay.

    made a few hundred quid tho

  6. I note with dismay that the HTC S620 is not listed as a classic 🙂

  7. Bluntles says:

    You need an iPAQ h6340 and Asus P505.

    I do love the Mpx though.

  8. Jeff B says:

    I thought my phone/pda collection was bad.  There is a lot of money in this photo.  Take a minute to reflect what each one probably cost when you bought it?


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