HTC TyTn II – Windows Mobile 6.1


Over the Bank Holiday Weekend I upgraded my TyTn 2 with the HTC released Windows Mobile 6.1 build.

I upgraded the device on my Vista laptop and it all was done in about 10-15 minutes.

Of course I've been using Windows Mobile 6.1 for a long time now but this is the first publicly available build.

One thing I have noticed is that the battery life on my TyTn 2 seems to be considerably improved.  I'll have to see what my experience is like through the week.

If you have a HTC TyTn 2 then head on over to the E-Club to register your device and Download the Windows Mobile 6.1 build!

Have you upgraded your device yet?  What is your experience so far?

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  1. Davidc says:


    Can you help a poor aussie out,   its not available to us here yet!

    Any chance on getting the file

  2. MSDNArchive says:

    David – if you have a TyTn 2 – just log in via the Eclub and you can download it.

  3. John says:

    Any idea how far operators will lag behind (Orange UK in particular)?

    The download (or registration) only works for unbranded devices.

  4. Richard Swift says:

    I tried but the download isn’t available to me. Maybe they only released it for certain serial numbers.

  5. Tobie Fysh says:

    Whats the betting that Vodafone will do the usual trick of failing to release this to customers. Any chance of MS ever allowing upgades to be made available via select or open licenses?

  6. Magnus Jansson says:

    I did upgrade my Kaiser and it seems like the some applications does not install on 6.1. Anyone have the same issue?

  7. Everything went on smoothly here – not really noticed any change in battery life though, or much different at all really – apart from the threaded SMS/MMS (which is nice).

    A few of the improvements are related to Exchange Server 2007 (we are still on 2003), and performance (which is hard to verify)

    The IE zoom out is handy, but a poor relation to the way the iPhone does it.

    I have noticed the device has not hung at all though (I did get that quite frequently before – typically after making a call) – so that is a major plus for me.

    Looking forward to WM7 though and getting Silverlight Mobile (which seems to have been delayed since the Mix08 announcement)

    Overall – has to be worth upgrading, but don’t expect t be "wowed"!


  8. Davidc says:

    Its definately not available to me here.

    They must only be doing serials from a certain region?

  9. Terry says:

    Yeah same here, no downloads for me either

    device registered 1/31/2008

    Guess I will have to download it from xda

  10. Matt says:

    Has anyone found it for the O2 branded XDA Stellar?

  11. Kevin Moore says:

    One issue I see so far, it appears that the "call list" filter is not holding the setting. i.e. If you change your call filter to only display "out bound" calls … it will save that but.. an attempt to change that to any other settings thus after will not save it as your permanent choice

  12. pcolmer says:

    It is good to see 6.1 supporting the automatic configuration of email based on Exchange 2007 autodiscover functionality.

    As others have commented, Microsoft *really* need to come up with a way of getting these sorts of updates to customers without relying on the carriers. It just isn’t in the interest of the carriers to invest the time required to make the update available. There is no money in it for them.

  13. George says:

    For Oz/NZ TYTN 2 users who can’t see the update on e-club here is the responce I got from support:-

    "Thank you for contacting HTC Australia.

    The TyTN II is the only device that will be offered the upgrade to Windows Mobile 6.1. That update is expected to be released sometime in early July and can be optained from the E-Club."

    Buggered if I know why we have to wait.  Maybe they are sending the file by sea 🙂

  14. Steve says:

    I’m in Australia, And i was able to download 6.1 from the Aus e-club site. I’ve got the call filter bug too… it’s a frigging annoyance!

    Additionally, when i try to manually dial number (i.e. 333 for Message Center for Three) it’s trying to sort through my contact list and comes up with "DEE" rather than dialing 333. Not sure if this is a novice error or not.

  15. Ian C (UK) says:

    A word of warning – I downloaded the update from the HTC site and upgraded my device and it’s now trashed!

    I get the green Windows Mobile 6.1 splash screen come up and a message ‘The device is clearing the storage. Please wait’.

    This message disappears after a few minutes but the operating system never loads – it remains on the green splash screen.

    Soft and hard resets had no affect so I contacted HTC. They advised that I’ll have to send it to their repair centre which will take 2 weeks – not a happy bunny 🙁

  16. A Pilbeam says:

    i have an orange (uk) branded HTC tytn II, foud a site with the hard SPL reset (unlock) Program and the HTC windows mobile 6.1 ROM, installed both and my tytn is working fine! better than ever!


  17. Ian C (UK) says:

    Update on my previous problems – as I prepared to box my TYTN to return it to HTC, it sprang into life and WM 6.1 loaded and is now working.

    Bizarre – the threat of going back in the box must have frightened it….  

  18. James Lawson says:

    I have the HTC TyTn II but it re-branded as the O2 Steller so I can not get update from E-Club (Already tried they will not take my S/N) I am currently running

    ROM Version: 3.03.405.0 wwe

    Rom date: 01/08/08

    Radio Version:

    Not to many bugs but a few to bug me.

    Going to re-flash to ROM 3.28.405.0 Apparently a HTC release.

  19. Robin G says:

    I can’t find 6.1 anywhere, and i think i need it, my phone is constantly hanging even after a hard reset. Is there anywhere else i can download it?


  20. James Lawson says:

    Hello again,

    You can get the latest ROMs from here:

    The version I am using is:

    3.28.405.0 (Radio original HTC WWE (World Wide English)

    It seems to be working fine so far.

    But before you try and use any of these you HAVE GOT to CID Unlock your phone. This is NOT the same as SIM unlock. (For SIM unlock read this

    Read this on how to CID Unlock:

    Also read this:

    Also search the rest of the forum if you need help.


    Hope this helps and let me know how you get on.

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