The demise of a British icon


My local paper last week was covering details of the removal of many Phone Boxes from villages in our surrounding area.  I'm really sad to see them being taken away as the British Telephone Box is a real icon.

Obviously the huge growth in Mobile Phones is driving the lack of use of these phone boxes but it's such a shame to see them disappear.

The picture above I've been thinking about doing for a while - Mr Mobile in a Phonebox... the ultimate irony!

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  1. I want one! though I hate to think what they’d cost to buy and ship to the US 😉

  2. REem_ says:

    Jason, where is your superman outfit ! ;oP

  3. Thomas Schmidt says:


    don’t worry – be happy!

    Here in Germany the process is reversing – the number of cells is increasing again. Especially the competitors of T-Com are mounting increasing numbers.


  4. Bluntles says:

    They just need re-purposing. Put a multi-mobile phone charger in there and then charge people to plug their completely flat phone in whilst they make their call to book a cab.

    It also gives the added benefit of keeping you dry and warm(er) whilst waiting in your inebriated state.  If you are very drunk, it makes a great place to sleep standing up.

    (Not that I’ve ever been that drunk)

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