Celio announce support for REDFLY for Windows Mobile 6.1 and 12 new devices


Celio recently announced support for their REDFLY Mobile Companion for 12 new Windows Mobile devices include leading Windows Mobile devices such as the Motorola Q and Samsung Blackjack II.  They also announced support for Windows Mobile 6.1.

If you haven't seen or heard of the device - The REDFLY Mobile Companion is a clamshell laptop style device that includes an 8" display, a full function keyboard, and a touchpad mouse. It is 1x6x9 inches in size and only 2 pounds, but still offers over 8 hours of battery life and boots instantly! It also adds three new features - instant VGA output, access to USB flash drives, and the ability to charge your smartphone via USB.

A full list of compatible smartphones is available at www.celiocorp.com/smartphone.

Pre-orders for the REDFLY begin immediately and companies interested in purchasing REDFLY can order evaluation units for demo or testing at www.getredfly.com.

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  1. Ragin Dan says:

    I’m just following the REDFLY and saw your blog on it.  It looks like a pretty cool device and I like that they are expanding to new phones so quickly.  It still looks to me like they are just Windows powered phones.

  2. jason says:


    The Redfly is an extension to your WM Device – it basically gives you a big screen and keyboard to use with your device!


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