Unlimited Data – is it becoming a reality?

At the start of this month Vodafone announced they were providing Unlimited Internet Access to their customers.  Previously you had to pay £7.50 for a measly 120MB. 

This announcement now provides any customer who pays £25 per month with 500MB of Internet Access which isn't 'unlimited' - but should be sufficient for most people! 

If you pay £40 a month then you can get a choice of unlimited texts, unlimited landline or unlimited Vodafone to Vodafone calls!

Will this have an impact on Mobile Internet Usage?  I think so.... most of my friends outside of the industry don't dare use the Internet on their device due to concerns over what the potential charges could be... by adding in the 500MB bundle, Vodafone have made it very easy for people to start to consume the Internet on their device.

What are your thoughts?

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  1. Oddly enough this is one area where South Africa is leading. The smallest bundle at the moment is 500Mb and range into the multiple Gb packages (think the 30Gb is the biggest). This I believe is because in SA almost everyone has a cellphone but a PC is still a luxury item and that people want to use their cellphones for the internet. Even if you don’t buy a bundle the cost is very low for data.

    However the phone calls are the other way around, we are very expensive and their is only one operator that has a free text message offering, all the rest charge for everything and charge well.

    This comes back to the fact we had a monopoly driving fixed line communications until this year and the lack of competition their meant that the cellular operators did not need to compete as much for customers so pricing on traditional services has been high.

  2. Rory says:

    Yeah I was going to say that Im a reader from South Africa and pay roughly 30 quid a month for 2GBs of data – using a fairly decent HSDPA service.

    Just wish the monopoly would properly end and we can get some competitive pricing on calls and fixed lines. The cost of a DSL line is ridiculous when compared with similar cable or other options available in the UK.

  3. Stern says:

    You’re spot on Jason, this is what the networks should have done from day one, look what happened when they started offering unlimited texts (or at least a ridiculous amount as part of the line rental) we used it. I remember when it was 50p a text and was a weekly event and was a novelty, now it’s a way of life.

    Even though technically Vodafone have increased the price of the tarrifs by £5 it’s the way the data is bundled with everything else that makes the difference. If it’s an additional bundle added on with an additional charge people think about it too much and worry about cost.

  4. Chris says:

    Unlimited data in the UK is fine but what about unlimited or at least reasonably priced international data roaming. The one time I really needto get my mail or surf the web on the move is when I’m abroad but stupid rates mean I have to make sure it’s switched off.

  5. Jason says:

    Here in the US I have always had unlimited data (at least it is called unlimited, but they will send you a letter if they think you are abusing it by tethering). Currently I have unlimited data for $15 per month. Because they have my account messed up in their system, I also get unlimited text for free. 🙂

    New plans in the US are coming out from the carriers. Now, two of them offer unlimited everything (domestic calls, text, data) for $99 per month.

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