[Friday Humour] Facebook Gangsta

I haven’t laughed as much for a long while till I saw this….  Facebook Gangsta from Facebook Gangsta on Vimeo.


System Center Mobile Device Manager VPN Insight

I’ve had a number of customers ask what the System Center Mobile Device Manager VPN is built on and how it operates. The VPN technology itself is built on 2 industry standards – IKE and MOBIKE. There is a great article which has been published which describes the cryptographic algorithms and protocols used by the…


Information week Webcast

Next week Information Week mobility expert, Eric Zeman, and my colleague Chip Vollers have a Webcast entitled ‘The Smart, Safer Way to Mobile Enterprise Success’ In this webcast they will share strategies, insights and tools for your enterprise needs to efficiently and effectively deploy and manage mobile devices and provide security-enhanced access to line-of-business applications…


Watch the Tech-Ed Developer Webcasts online

Constanze has been working with a number of our great developers in the community to produce a series of webcasts on Developing for Windows Mobile.  The 5 part series concludes next week with the final webcast Live from TechEd US! You can access the series online using the links below: Part 1: Developing Applications for…


System Center Mobile Device Manager information resources

I’m often asked for what content or collateral we have on System Center Mobile Device Manager.  I’ve summarised the key content below so it may help get you up to speed quickly on this exciting new product! Watch the System Center Mobile Device Manager demo Read the Mobile Device Manager Overview Visit System Center for…


Windows Mobile Classics

Over the Bank Holiday Weekend I was clearing out my study which is currently being converted into a nursery for our second arrival (RTW July). Over the years I’ve tried to keep hold of at least one of the many models of Windows Mobile devices that have been released. As I was clearing out my…


Alton Towers make theme Park ‘PDA Free’ Zone

This week in the UK is Half Term for a lot of schools and Alton Towers (a huge theme park in the UK) have made their venue a ‘PDA Free’ Zone. They are piloting a scheme where the use of PDA’s and other devices will be banned to encourage parents to disconnect from the office…


HTC TyTn II – Windows Mobile 6.1

Over the Bank Holiday Weekend I upgraded my TyTn 2 with the HTC released Windows Mobile 6.1 build. I upgraded the device on my Vista laptop and it all was done in about 10-15 minutes. Of course I’ve been using Windows Mobile 6.1 for a long time now but this is the first publicly available…


Coolsmartphone – a week with the HTC Diamond

Coolsmartphone have managed to snag an HTC Diamond for the week.  Gears is going to post about the experience on a day by day basis.  Head on over to the Coolsmartphone site to get more pictures and other details!  


HTC Release the first Windows Mobile 6.1 upgrade – for the TyTn 2

  I’ve been tidying up my study over the past few evenings as I’m moving all my technology to our spare room as the study will shortly become a nursery…. I found a TyTn 2 device which I thought I’d register on the HTC E-Club site.  I went onto the HTC Website and registered and…