Samsung i600 for under 100 pounds!


The Samsung i600 is one of my favourite devices and I just spotted it is available on Expansys for just 5p under 100 pounds!

You can get it from HERE

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  1. Simon Hart says:

    Now thats good value!! Not sure if I could live with just a smart phone though………..

  2. davidc says:

    This will always be a very good device,  it gets the most praise out of any I’ve deployed.   Except for the Excalibur, but they are about equal.

    Anyone else notice the carousel app thats on these is very similar to the 6.1 standard homescreen?

  3. Gorilla says:

    The only issue I can see with the cheap Samsung i600 is that it only comes with Windows Mobile 5, and I can’t see an ‘official’ Windows Mobile 6 upgrade option for it.

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