[Humour] Macbook air parody

I am a self-confessed Gadget-a-holic and I actually succumbed and bought a Macbook Air earlier in the year. I have since sold it and a number of folks have been asking me why? My main reason was that it was too BIG..... when I say this people always look at me strangely.

When I say BIG - it was really that whilst it's really thin... it still has a 13" screen which means I still have to carry a fairly big laptop bag.   The second issue I had was that the battery life on it was only about 2 and a bit hours.

My main machine is actually a Sony Vaio TZ which has a 11" screen and is smaller in physical size and almost as thin.  The battery life on it is amazing as I get between 4-6hrs with the standard battery and about 10-15hrs with the extended battery!

I could only justify keeping one of those two laptops so when it came down to the crunch I made the decision on keeping the Vaio as I can just throw it in a small bag and use it anywhere.

Of course before anyone asks - I was using Vista on the Macbook Air.

The video below has been doing the rounds and did amuse me 🙂


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