What are the coolest Applications on Windows Mobile?

So what are they?  - Beyond the typical corporate applications I use (Exchange, Communicator Mobile, Office Mobile etc...) My current favourite applications are:


1) Guitar Hero III - a great game to play on your device - http://www.winplay.com/game/GuitarHeroMobile


2) Intelligolf - Excellent application for keeping track of your golf games - www.intelligolf.com


3) Hexic - a hugely addictive game (be warned) - http://www.astraware.com/all/hexic 


4) SPB Mobile Shell - Everyone likes modifying their device - http://www.spbsoftwarehouse.com/products/mobileshell/?en 


5) Suduko - I got hooked on Sudoku a long time ago.... http://www.astraware.com/ppc/featured/sudoku/?skucode=0047-000-0379


6) Sports Do - if you are a runner, cyclist or skier (or other sports too) - this is a great application for tracking your progress.  I use this when I go snowboarding - very cool to see your routes on Virtual Earth! - http://www.sportsdo.net/


7) Pocket Informant 8 - this is a great add on to Outlook Mobile for those who want more powerful calendaring and organisational capabilities - http://www.pocketinformant.com/products_info.php?p_id=pi&


8) Sling player Mobile - A Slingplayer allows you to view your TV from your laptop or PC.  Sling player mobile allows you to do the same thing from your mobile device.  You can even control your home satellite or other source from your device! - http://www.slingmedia.com/go/spm-features



9) Live Search - this is a fabulous application actually written by Microsoft that allows you to connect to a wide variety of web services to get mapping information, local information such as restaurants and other services, gas prices, traffic and weather.  http://wls.live.com


10) SPB Insight - I've tried a wide variety of RSS readers but this is the one I always end up back using - http://www.spbsoftwarehouse.com/products/insight/?en 


11) SPB Brain Evolution - Train your brain! - http://www.spbsoftwarehouse.com/products/brainevolution/?en 


12) Handstep Team Calendar - This application allows you to view multiple calendars on your mobile device and even schedule time with multiple people within your organisation! - http://www.teamcalendar.com/


Feel free to post your thoughts on your favourite applications for Windows Mobile!

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  1. daniele says:

    google maps

    yahoo go

    opera mini


    worldmate pro




  2. Graham G says:

    The Mobile Shell looks interesting but I’m guessing it’s just for the pro version as it seems to be quite ‘touch’ based.

  3. TinyTwitter


    ClockOnTop (puts a clock on every taskbar. real basic stuff but handy)

    Vito CopyPaste (hey, Smartphone users like Copy/Paste as well)

    Navizon (GPS for those without a GPS, or earn points submitting tracking data for wifi and cell towers)

    DeviceScape to automate logging on to hotspots

    there’s probably more, but that’s my default list to install on most new devices.

    An alternative home screen is PointUI (for Touch and Smartphone devices)

  4. For some reason, I prefer Point UI to SPB Mobile Shell. Point UI is free, but that’s not the reason.

    I’ve been using Pocket Informant since the 2005 version. It’s a solid and powerful PIM.

  5. Tim Walters says:

    Pocket Informant  – best calender EVER

    phoneAlarm  – so I know when customers are trying to reach me

    Total Commander

    Flux Challenge – for when I have too much free time 😉

  6. RobBurke says:

    I can’t tell you how much I wished GH3 worked on my HTC Touch. Just for the sheer ‘show off your WM device in the pub’ coolness of it. And of course the ‘crank out a song on the train when you can’t be bothered to check your RSS feeds’ coolness, as well, natch.

    Speaking of which, what do folks use to check/sync/read RSS feeds on WM6?

    Thanks for a great list.

  7. m1k1 says:

    Live Search

    Google Maps


    MusicID (Shazam)


  8. for RSS reader – Newsgator Mobile (it’s free)

    Shame GH3 doesn’t have a trial. Would like to play before I put down my pennies.

    For remote control of your phone check out MyMobiler (http://tinyurl.com/4czdr6)

    Waiting with baited breath to try Skyfire…

  9. Dave says:


    Google Maps

    WM6 RDP  (put this back in there!)

    Citrix ICA

    Bubble Breaker (is there a PC version?)

  10. James P says:

    Is there software to transform the tilt to make it look like the iPhone? the slid to unlock, viewing an actual webiste (not the original phone version) and double click on a website to zoom in? I’m new to the tilt and have seen users with these options on their tilt and was wondering where they are available. thanks!

  11. Noah Wahn says:

    I could not function without Agenda One and Code Wallet for my PocketPC.  

    Both applications are powerful enough for my professional needs yet simple enough for everyone in my family to learn without instruction.

    These apps should be a tutorial for all mobile developers on how to write usable software.

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