Remove Duplicate Contacts from your Windows Mobile Device with DupeDeDupe from Modaco


Paul over at Modaco has written this very handy little application that will remove duplicate contacts from your Windows Mobile Device!

You can also get it through apptodate as a CAB

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  1. Marc Rene says:

    Tnx for this post.

    Im the smartphone support guy for the Dutch Sub and allot of users where having this problem.

    I can die happy now 🙂



  2. Alex says:

    Yes, I too often get duplicates after a sync and/or restore.

    Better alternatives.

    But yours only support wm5+, and runs on the device.

    I found several free ones running on Windows. And handles other items (tasks, calendar, etc) from

    (The last three entries are free)

  3. Paul O'Brien says:

    I’m going to open source this and update / improve, sharing via Popfly Explorer:



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