Has your Mobile operator removed Windows Live Hotmail Access?

A number of mobile operator provided devices are shipped without the Windows Live services available.   There is now a version of Microsoft‘s Windows Live for Windows Mobile, without Messenger that is available as a free download at http://wl.windowsmobile.com.

While most Windows Mobile 6 devices ship with the full version (with Messenger), some mobile operators prefer to ship one of our partner-developed Windows Live Messenger clients on their Windows Mobile 6 handsets. To ensure all users  can receive the advantages of push Hotmail access, Windows Live Contacts synchronization, a Live Search bar for their homescreen and one-click photo upload to Windows Live Spaces we have made the client available immediately.  There is no charge for this client (or the services supported by it) apart from any operator data charges.

You can download it from HERE

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  1. Nice spot from Jason of Windows Live for Windows Mobile download . Doesn’t include IM unfortunately

  2. Not sure if it is just me however the application seems to force num-lock on my keyboard.  I downloaded and installed without a problem howver when I try and sign in I can’t acces any of the letters on keys that also have a number.

    For example, when I type the word ‘Justin’ I get ‘Ju2in’ because it seems to prevent the * (s) and t comes out as 2.

    There appears to be no option to cycle through T9, numlock, etc…

    So far I can’t login – how frustrating!

    I have an HTC S710 (E650 from Orange Mobile UK).

    Anybody else having this problem?

  3. Petey says:

    It is sad that Microsoft insists in not releasing Live Messenger as a seperate download for those that want it.

    If smacks of lame greediness to let Operators dictate whether MS should have Messenger available or not.

    I seriously hope WM dies a horrible death because of lame attitudes like this from MS.

  4. jamiet says:

    Hey Jason,

    I’ve installed the app but have a small problem with it, namely that within ‘Sync Options’ the check box to specify that I want to sync my contacts is greyed out.

    Quite annoying. Do you know why this might be or, better still, can you let me know where I can go to get the question answered? is there any sort of Microsoft forum for mobile apps?

    Note that I’ve elected to receive email updates when someone leaves a comment here so if you reply I will know about it.



  5. Update to my earlier post, Microsoft have confirmed that other people are also experiencing the same problem:

    Response from technical Support (probably a bit misguided about the role of the ‘server’ in the issue):

    "Justin, we received feedback from a few customers experiencing similar issues. We are currently looking into the reason why this is occurring, and our product team is engaging additional resources to locate and isolate the exact server that is causing the issue."

  6. How-to: Connect your Windows Mobile device to an Exchange server (WM5) Microsoft Publicly Posts Additional

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