Samsung i600 for under 100 pounds!

The Samsung i600 is one of my favourite devices and I just spotted it is available on Expansys for just 5p under 100 pounds! You can get it from HERE


[Humour] Macbook air parody

I am a self-confessed Gadget-a-holic and I actually succumbed and bought a Macbook Air earlier in the year. I have since sold it and a number of folks have been asking me why? My main reason was that it was too BIG….. when I say this people always look at me strangely. When I say…

New version of Slingplayer Mobile now Available

Slingmedia just released their new version of Slingplayer Mobile.  Version 1.6 is now available for download in the US and UK. The new version is available for Windows Mobile Smartphone and Windows Mobile Professional devices (both 5.0 and 6).  If you are already licensed then it’s a free upgrade.  If not they do have a…

Windows Mobile as secure as Blackberry – are you joking?

At TechEd US 2008 this year I’m presenting a session which is called – ‘Windows Mobile as secure as Blackberry – are you joking’ I wanted to cover this topic as there is so much FUD out there on the Windows Mobile Security story.  Sorry – FUD – That’s Fear Uncertainty and Doubt (off topic…


O2 UK launch the Palm Treo 500

O2 UK have just launched the Palm Treo 500.  Previously this device was only available on Vodafone.  It is a 3G Windows Mobile device which unlike it’s predecessor (the Treo 750) doesn’t have a touchscreen. It’s running Windows Mobile 6 and available now from the O2 Business Shop


What are the coolest Applications on Windows Mobile?

So what are they?  – Beyond the typical corporate applications I use (Exchange, Communicator Mobile, Office Mobile etc…) My current favourite applications are:   1) Guitar Hero III – a great game to play on your device – 2) Intelligolf – Excellent application for keeping track of your golf games – 3) Hexic…


Why can’t I disable Solitaire on my Windows Mobile Device?

I had a customer come across an intriguing problem whilst setting up their Mobile Device Manager configuration. They had setup their servers correctly and tested disabling the camera which worked fine.  The next thing they tried to do was to stop the users playing Solitaire on their device. The intriguing part was that they had…


System Center Mobile Device manager 3 day Workshop

Our Partner team has created a 3 day Technical Workshop focused on System Center Mobile Device Manager (SCMDM).  The workshop is aimed at partners and customers and will take place in Madrid on May 27-29. There are only 20 places and these will be allocated on a first come first serve basis and 1 person…

What is your Ultimate Windows Mobile device? (made up from other devices)

I’ve been writing this blog article in my head for a while now so I thought I’d actually publish it! When I ask people what their perfect device would be I always get the typical answer of something impossibly thin with near infinity battery life and every capability under the sun…. Obviously there are a…