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Satellite Navigation is fantastic in helping me get from A to B however I do find that I don't take as much notice of the surrounding areas I'm driving through than compared to when I used paper maps. 

RoadTour have released a fantastic solution for Windows Mobile or your GPS Sat Nav device which will give audio commentary and pictures of 600 key attractions, including castles, stately homes and battlefields in the UK as you drive.

The software package features a total of 600 sites in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Each has an average 90 seconds of commentary, researched and written by a team of 12 amateur historians. There's at least one picture of each place, plus opening times and prices where relevant.

RoadTour started on this product because scarily research showed that a quarter of people think Leeds Castle is in Yorkshire, rather than Kent, one in ten believe that the Romans built the A1 and 10 per cent of 18-24-year-olds thought that Stonehenge is in Norfolk. A further 38 per cent of all those questioned by YouGov believe that Hadrians Wall is in Scotland, not England.

The RoadTour Heritage software is available to download from and retails for £19.95. It is also available to rent with a GPS unit for Tourists travelling in the UK.

You can see a BBC News article covering their solution HERE (You have to be based in the UK to view this)

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  1. andyt99 says:

    "a quarter of people think Leeds Castle is in Yorkshire"

    I’d say the same. I suspect the problem is more that they (and I) have never heard of Leeds Castle and Yorkshire is the most logical guess to make.

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