Global Address List (GAL) Caching?

From talking with a few of my US colleagues we've had quite a few customers looking for GAL synchronisation/caching solutions for Windows Mobile.

I'm not sure I see the need for this with Global Address List lookup integrated into Windows Mobile but the frequency of the requests for this have increased recently....

I've been searching looking for a solution and only really come up with this one called mGALSync

So what are your thoughts on this?


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  1. Rishi Shah says:

    Nice One!!!

    Now can Micrsoft integrate something into WM6.1 or 7 please…. this is usefull when writing e-mails without a connection.


  2. Tobie Fysh says:

    Agree with Rishi, offline access would be brilliant.

  3. Tobie Fysh says:

    Just looking at mGALsync and its a non starter, we have some staff who never login to a PC and only have access to OWA and a PDA, mGALsync copies everything to the contacts which requires an Outlook & PC connection for the end user.

  4. DaveG says:

    Offline would be brilliant! Why? Because here in Oz data plans for mobiles are soooo expensive that most people have data switched off (even though we have 2 and half HSDPA networks covering the entire country!!!). An offline cache of the GAL would be VERY useful. That way I can sync over Wifi or USB and take my GAL with me.

    Just to change the subject, another useful feature would be this:

    1. select entry in GAL

    2. ‘Add to contacts’

    3. entry in GAL changes .. for some reason

    4. entry in contacts doesn’t match GAL entry anymore.

    … no easy to way keep ‘contacts’-copies-of-GAL-entries synced with their GAL master versions.. does that make sense????

  5. Richard Swift says:

    Something like this would be great but not only for GAL but also for a public folder of shared contacts. I know lots of companies who use a shared public folder to track customer contacts and mobile CRM staff are crying out for access from their windows mobile devices.

  6. Paul Ockenden says:

    I agree with Richard – the public folder thing is used extensively out in the real world.

    Not just for contacts either – many companies have public folders set up as a kind of shared mailbox. Somewhere where, for example, website ‘contact us’ emails can go, and then be picked off by several people in a team.

    I’ve always been very disappointed by the lack of PF support in most of the push email systems available.

  7. Arne says:

    Caching GAL would result in a massive file on the device that would need to be handled. To keep system speed up it would not be possible to integrate all the data to Outlook (that’s actually one of the reasons that people use GAL).

    My first choice would be a cache of the last 10 -15 requested contacts searched in GAL. I think this would already cover a lot of user requests.

    Second choice would a an Outlook independet cache that can be stored on external memory such as storage card.

  8. Jon Warburton says:

    I’ve been happy with the online lookups but rather than holding the entire GAL on the phone something that caches recently used emaill address but with the added facility of an an offline mode that lets you compose the mail by entering the persons name and then does an online lookup when you are back online and sending your mail, with a confirmation prompt on the name if multiple entries exist.

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