What Profiles do you use on your Windows Mobile device?

Our development teams are currently looking at what profiles people use most frequently on their Mobile device and it sparked some interesting internal discussions which I thought I'd open up to a much broader audience!

Which 3 profiles do you use most often?

We think most people use Normal, Vibrate and Silent. But I'm wondering if it's Normal, Vibrate and Outdoor?

Please post some comments on which you use!

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  1. Leigh says:

    Normal, Vibrate and Silent

    I do this on my HTC Touch by adjusting the volume control. I either hit silent or vibrate depending. What would be cool would be a slider that had say three profiles on it and you could simply slide to the profile you wanted.

  2. Ant Hayes says:

    I use normal, outdoor and vibrate.  My most used "default" profile is outdoor

  3. Allen D says:

    Mostly on Vibrate then ring, or on Auto if in a meeting! – Never silent!

  4. Andrew B says:

    Normal, Silent (Vibrate only), Outdoor (Loud & Vibrate), Car (Extra Loud)

  5. Greg lowe says:

    I only use one. AUTOMATIC. and the single biggest reason for being on a Standard device vs. a Pro Device

  6. Ruslan says:

    Mostly Normal and  Vibrate. I almost don’t use Silent mode

    (HTC, Asus)

  7. Mostly i use outdoor and vibrate

  8. Never silent. Usually vibrate, or normal if I’m expecting a call I don’t want to miss.

  9. Bluntles says:

    Normal, vibrate and silent

    Vibrate if in a boring meeting so I can get distracted when a mail comes in, Silent in interesting meetings where I don’t want to get distracted

    Seeing that I use Vibrate more often than Silent shows the types of meeting I have to attend

  10. Håkan Forss says:

    I use the Normal, Silence and Vibrate on my HTC TyTN II. I do really miss the "real" profiles from my old standard phone.

    I would really want a profile for when connected to Active Sync or when a specific Blue Tooth device is in range so I could turn off notifications like, mail, reminders, sms and so on. The reason: not do disturb my colleagues in my office.  

  11. Paul Ockenden says:

    I’ve got a real problem with profiles as currently implemented in mobile devices (and not just Windows Mobile). I don’t want ‘normal’ or ‘vibrate’ – I want location and/or task specific profiles. So ‘at desk’, ‘walking’, ‘in car’, ‘watching TV’, ‘cinema’,  ‘restaurant’,  ‘sleeping’, etc.

    They’d all be based on TWO global profiles (this is important), but with modifiers (so there would be no need to set everything for every profile).

    Those two profiles should be "working" and "not working". And the default for the latter should be to reduce the noise from the work-centric elements of the phone, such as email alerts etc.

    And where possible automatic triggers would be used (so a bluetooth connection to my car would automatically switch to ‘in car’, and loss of that connection would switch to ‘walking’. A USB connection to my work PC would trigger the ‘at desk’ profile, and timers should also be allowed to trigger profiles. (So perhaps from 9pm until 6am and over the weekend and during bank holidays a ‘not at work’ profile will be automatically chosen).


  12. Graham G says:

    On my Palm 500v is simply Normal and Silent (when I’m in a meeting – which of course means that I forget and several hours latr wondere why I’ve had no calls)!


  13. Normal, Meeting (Vibrate) and then one I added called "Office" which is a little quieter than normal.  For when I’m at my desk but don’t want the Q to scream out to everyone around me.

  14. Chucky Egg says:

    I’m stuck with WM6 Pro, so "Profiles" aren’t an option for me.

    When I had a Smartphone I used Auto quite a lot, but Normal and Silent more often.

    Auto’s fine, as long as people inviting you to "meetings" such as "Babysit while I go out with the girls" set them as Free.  Otherwise I miss calls whilst stuck at home with Eastenders! </rant>

  15. Scott Bueffel says:

    For both Standard and Professional I use phoneAlarm.  The inbuilt WM profiles are very limited in the things that can be customized, not to mention that Professional doesn’t offer any in the first place.  Prior to phoneAlarm I used PocketZenPhone, but that is only available for Professional.  I also tried PhoneWeaver, but I was not as fond of that.

    Within phoneAlarm I use profiles for home, work, meeting, sleep/night, and GPS/car.  I love that I can have profiles changed based on a combination of free/busy AND categories.  So being marked as busy but a category of blah doesn’t mean I have to have it change to meeting.

  16. SeattleBrad says:

    I use the Automatic mode. It uses vibrate mode during meetings, then turns the ringer back on when the meeting is over.

  17. Eric says:

    I mainly use "normal" and "vibrate" but sure miss the feature on my old phone that had "ring and vibrate" which is what my wife uses all the time.  A lot of times, I miss calls from the ringer because it’s not loud enough in my pocket but I don’t want to constantly switch to vibrate when I put it in my pocket because the I forget to switch back and don’t hear the vibrate when it’s sitting in the house somewhere.

  18. Thicko (Potentially) says:

    I used to love ‘Automatic’ on my Smartphone but I’ve never found the setting in WM5. Where is it?

    Nowadays I always use Vibrate mode so that I don’t forget to switch it during meetings

  19. Keni says:

    Normal (set to loud), Vibrate and once every so often Silent

  20. MSDNArchive says:

    Keep all this great feedback coming 🙂

  21. Joe says:

    Normal and Silent.  I switched the Normal profile to use vibrate and ring…as for Eric above, you can edit the profile to use ring and vibrate (at least on my smartphone) by opening the profiles screen, highlighting the profile, menu (right softkey) -> edit, go to ring type and cycle to Vibrate and ring.

  22. Jim Norber says:

    Auto (totally rocks) reads from my calendar!

    Silent (custom – ring only for nights)


  23. Paul says:

    Those of you who have WM Pro: check out SPB Phone Suite — it gives you back your profiles! It comes with some standard profiles and you can create your own, and you of course have a today screen plug-in that makes it very easy to swtich profiles. (I’ve got nothing to do with SPB other than being an appreciative user of their Phone Suite and an ex-user of some of their other sofware, which I unloaded from my device because it kept causing the Sleep of Death.) Oh, and the only profiles I ever use are Silent and Normal.

  24. khmcguire@hotmail.com says:

    Normal, Vibrate, Silent — the ‘switch’ at the top of the Treo is a great example of making it easy to toggle btwn common profiles – wish more devices followed this approach.  RIM has started to adopt this approach with most new BlackBerry’s

  25. Brian Haley says:

    I’ve made silent mode vibrate on my 2003 SE smartphone. I only use Normal and Silent modes now, but i never have to switch between them. I use AutoKey lock and CPS Configuration on my phone so anytime go to work, and my phone switches to our GSM repeater, CPS Configuration changes my profile to Silent.  It changes back when I leave the building to go home.

    I used to use meeting so that when I left the building and went onto the nornal cell tower, i’d switch to meeting…. but that got sorta redundant and I started missing calls while at lunch.

    CPS Configuration lets me change profiles and turn BT on/off based on the cell tower i’m actively on. I HIGHLY recommend it to everyone and have even got people to switch to WM simply for that program alone.

  26. Adrian M says:

    Normal, Vibrate and Silent – but the normal is upped in volume, etc.

  27. Sze says:

    definately vibrate most often in the work place

    Silent in meetings

    Loud at home – rarely used

  28. Carl says:

    I only really use two:




    I guess the third would be Outdoor.

    Meeting profile is a little pointless as it doesn’t know if your meeting is going to run on longer than is scheduled.

    Also personally, the existing silent should be removed, and Vibrate renamed to Silent.   Every other phone i’ve used has the vibrate feature turned on for the silent profile, so i’m used to just picking Silent when I want the tones off but still vibrate.

  29. slavik says:

    Vibrate, Loud and Car (i use PhoneAlarm)

  30. Andrew says:

    Normal and Vibrate used mostly. Occasionally silent – but then I forget it is set that way and miss everything. On my WM5 device I used meeting, but found it unreliable in terms of automatically switching back and forth – the concept is great, but it doesn’t work right. Also, when you are called into impromptu meetings you have to manually set it silent or vibrate, or if meetings are canceled or end early the phone is stuck beholden to the calendar.

  31. JMG says:

    I have a WM Professional device and I use SPB Phone Suite with 4 profiles…Normal, Meeting (vibrate on msgs), Silent (for movies etc) and Nighttime (auto overnight with no msg tone or vibrate but phone ring ascending)

  32. Andrew B says:

    With all of my WM phones I have always installed 3rd Party software to get profiles back! Would love it when WM included unlimited custom profiles as default.

  33. m1k1 says:

    WM 6 Standard: Vibrate, Automatic, Normal

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