Noise Reduction solution for Windows Mobile

I've blogged many times about the challenges of background noise with mobile devices.  It's one of my personal hates when people join conference calls from really noisy environments and don't mute their phone....

My personal favourite solution to this is the Bluetooth Jawbone Headset but devices like the Gigabyte also have a solution called Wise Talk which even allows you to add background noise so you can sound like you are in the Office 🙂

SoliCall announced today the release of SoliCall Mobile - an enhanced version of their unique personalised noise reduction technology for Windows Mobile.  SoliCall’s technology has been commercially available on other platforms since mid 2007 so it's great to see them make the move to Windows Mobile.

The SoliCall solution would need to be integrated into the audio pathway of the device so some work on behalf of the device manufacturer is required however you can check out their technology on their site by listening to the demo HERE

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  1. kettch says:

    This looks cool.

    What are the chances that we can see support for array microphones in WM? That would make noise reduction a lot easier.

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