AT&T Tilt Software Upgrade

AT&T have just released an upgrade to the Tilt Device (HTC TyTN II or Kaiser)

The upgrade provides a number of fixes/enhancements:

  • Enhanced Bluetooth performance.
  • Enables DTMF tones for the slide-out QWERTY keyboard.
  • Improves overall device performance and stability.
  • Includes Microsoft Adaptation Kit Update (AKU) 0.4.4.

You can download it from HERE

Comments (2)
  1. Eagle117 says:

    I installed this last night.  It doesn’t seem as laggy as it was before the upgrade, but I’m still getting all of the same programs installed.  I haven’t noticed anything going backward yet.

  2. Philip Colmer says:

    Is this something that HTC are planning to release for the actual TyTN II or is it specific to the AT&T device?

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