Merge replication Test Application

Keni Barwick is a really smart Windows Mobile Developer who up till recently was working for one of our partners.  Between jobs he took the time to (re)start his blog.

The first thing he has done is to create a test application for Merge Replication. 

In Keni's words:

"During my many years of building applications in Compact Framework, the one thing that always has eaten away at my time is the configuration of the Merge Replication to devices. Many years have brought many changes for the better, but still it can be a bind to set up. 

So with his help I’ve built this little application to lend a hand in those times when you’ve been pulling your hair out (like I have many a time!)

Its imaginary entitled “Merge Replication Tester” (MRT)."

The Merge Replication Tester Application can be found HERE

His blog is HERE

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