Touch Dual Fixes released discovered that HTC have released a hot fix for the HTC Touch Dual. It fixes the problem where for some strange reason icons vanish and words overlap.  I’ve spoken to a few people that have had this issue so if you are seeing this problem – you can download the fix from HERE  

Presentation from System Center Mobile Device Manager events

| View | Upload your own Over the last couple of weeks I’ve delivered a number of System Center Mobile Device Manager sessions at our Technet London and Manchester events. I’ve uploaded the presentation to where you can view and download it.


LED Alerts – update for Professional/Pocket PC devices

Following up on my post about LED Alerts – Fernando contacted me to remind folks that if the device is a Professional device you can actually tell it to flash the led directly from the OS, under Sounds & Notifications when an email comes in for example. Thanks Fernando 🙂


LED Alerts

I had a customer recently ask me for a way of having the LED only flash on a device when new email came in (the customer was migrating from Blackberry which does this) Well I spotted this solution called LED Alerts over on Smartphone Thoughts which provides the ability to set custom notifications using the…


VGA vs QVGA screens

Jason Dunn over at Pocket PC Thoughts found this great article on VGA vs QVGA screens on Mobil Yazilar Blog The article has some fantastic screenshots of devices with VGA and QVGA screens.  What most people don’t realise is that the increase in pixels isn’t just increased resolution but also clarity of the text and…


[OFFTOPIC] The Coolest Desk EVER?

With a new addition to the family coming later this year I was hunting around the Internet this weekend for a new desk as I’ll be moving my study around in the house! Lo and behold I find possibly the coolest desk EVER! Check out Han Solo in Carbonite underneath the desk!!


Samsung i640 now available on Vodafone UK

The guys over at Coolsmartphone discovered that the Samsung i640 is now available on Vodafone UK. It’s not yet appeared on the business site but if you are a personal customer you can get more details HERE


Windows Mobile Developer Center Completely Overhauled!

When you visit our Windows Mobile Developer Center you will probably notice that we’ve done a complete overhaul of the site.  For years, the Developer Center has been responsible for delivering you content on Smart Device Development which most often included articles on building apps with the .NET Compact Framework and SQL Server CE/Mobile/Everywhere/Compact.  The…


12GB Micro SD Cards coming soon!

I was feeling all pleased with myself when I got my 8GB MicroSD card – it looks like a 12GB MicroSD card is just around the corner – $179 You can get more details HERE


Modaco TOuch Dual C to A Fix

  I’ve been using a Touch Dual for the past few weeks and it’s a great device!  The problem I have found is that if you use the T9 input  then when you press 1 you get a ‘C’ not an ‘A’ – I have sent a few strange messages 🙂 Thankfully Paul over at…