Orange Samsung i780


Now sooner do I get my hands on a Samsung Blackjack 2 than this baby comes along to tease me further!

The i780 is a GPS, HSDPA touting Smartphone!

My EMEA director had one of these on friday and we were comparing it in size to the Blackjack 2 and they are pretty much the same size!

The unusual thing is that unlike it's predecessors (Blackjack 1 and 2) this device has a touch screen as well as a neat navigation button at the centre of the device. 

The touch screen was a real shock for me as I'm so used to not having one on these Samsung devices!

Now I need to upgrade my Blackjack 2 🙂

You can get more details HERE

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  1. Jamie says:

    Been waiting for this phone for ages ,think im going to wait on the sim free model though.

    Does the retail I780 have that orange branding ?


  2. Jamie says:

    Ive also heard the internal GPS is locked on this device….so its not possible to use 3rd party apps with the internal GPS.

    I hope thats not true.

  3. MSDNArchive says:

    Jamie – I doubt the Sim free version will have the Orange Branding – as for the GPS being locked – not sure on the i780 but the Blackjack 2 was – if you take a look at Modaco though they have written an unlock utility

  4. Jamie says:

    Ok thanks…Yeah ive seen the unlocking app on Modaco.

    I was going with the orange handset but id prefer a total unbranded handset….And not a great fan of the orange logo on there.

    Hopefully the sim free model will be released before the 14th which i believe is the sim free release date.


  5. mam says:

    whats it retailing for? how much?

    hows the battery? is it really only 1000mah? thats pathetic

  6. Justin says:

    Got mine from Orange Business yesterday, although can’t find the GPS functionality – I’m still using my old SIM (will register and use new SIM in next couple of days) – so maybe GPS becomes available/unlocked via a SIM update – any views?  Other than that, cracking phone, really pleased with it so far!

  7. Justin says:

    OK… update on earlier – Orange are now telling me I need to download and pay for Webraska in order for GPS to work… Is this correct?  According to the Orange website:

    The Samsung i780’s built-in GPS, WLAN, GPRS, EDGE, 3G and HSDPA connectivity puts lightning-fast browsing and downloading into your hands, while ‘push’ technology means your emails can be sent automatically to your phone as well as your PC.

    Surely they should include the GPS software??

  8. Justin says:

    …the next part of the joke is that Webraska don’t list the i780 as a supported device (the closest they list is the i600 – however having downloaded it, it doesn’t work on this devce)… whilst GPS isn’t essential to me, it is specifially advertised as part of the Orange i780 ‘package’ so I believe it should be included – really not impressed with Orange on this…

    Is anyone else experiencing the same problems?

  9. Hi, I recently purchased a new phone! To be precise it was one of the new Samsung SGH-i780 devices which…

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