T-Mobile Germany announce the MDA Touch Plus and a 16GB Ameo


T-Mobile Germany have announced the MDA Touch Plus as well as a 16GB version of the T-Mobile Ameo. 

The MDA Touch Plus is the T-Mobile version of the HTC Touch Dual.  The Ameo enhancements move the internal drive from 8GB to 16GB and also includes Office Mobile 6.1 with support for Office 2007 attachments.

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  1. Dale Lane says:

    It’s great news to hear that the HTC Advantage model is continuing to be developed. I’ve had it for nearly a year now and it is the best PDA I’ve had.

    That said, I’m not sure about the value of increasing the microdrive size. The hard drive is by far the weakest part of the device – all of my concerns about the reliability of a moving-parts hard drive in a mobile device have been pretty much validated. The file system gets corrupted every three or four weeks, needing to be formatted and restored from a backup. It means I just can’t trust it with important files.

    I’d rather have half the space in a flash memory drive, rather than a hard drive with double the data density of the unreliable one I’ve already got!

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