Having trouble with Google Maps on your Orange SPV device?

Whilst of course I'm bound to say that Windows Live Search is the best mapping solution for Windows Mobile... of course there is also the Google Maps Mobile offering on Windows Mobile too.

The interesting feature in this solution is the ability to automatically find your location without a GPS.

A number of people have had problems getting the “My Location” feature working on Orange SPV devices.

When they try and do this you get the message “Your current location is temporarily unavailable”

One of my colleagues Peter managed to find the solution for Orange SPV devices - essentially you need to ensure the Orange security policy tool is disabled.

This can be done via http://spvunlock.rd.francetelecom.com/

You can check to see whether the cell information is being returned by the phone by checking Menu/Help/About and scrolling to the bottom.

In the “myl:” field you should see a ~ 14 character string, if it says N/A the phone isn’t sending the required information.

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  1. alan says:

    same issue with Samsung BlackJack in the US. Haven’t found any help on that. It is a nice feature if you don’t have a phone with integrated GPS.

  2. MSDNArchive says:

    Alan – I’d look to see what the issue is around the access being locked – that will probably help isolate and resolve it.

  3. Donovan says:

    I have seen the same "Your current location is temporarily unavailable” on several Verizon Windows Mobile 5 devices and a few ATT ones specifically,

    Moto Q

    Treo 700w

    ATT Black Jack

    This is a great feature but I’m guessing the carriers are locking this down to force us to pay for VZ Navigator or TeleNav.

  4. darrenjg says:


    Ive entered my number and IMEI correctly, but my phone just says this cab cannot be used on this device…


  5. Passat says:

    Hey Jason!

    Many thanx to you! You’ve completely solved the problem and ‘my location’ now works perfectly on my orange  SPV C600!!

    At first I got the same messege darrenjg had as well, but that was soon solved when I left away the last two ‘0’s of the imei number as given when you type *#06# on your mobile for the imei. So maybe leaving away these 00 helps for you, darrenjg…

    Again, thanks! I am so happy now 😉 Although it isn’t really precise…my house is over a kilometer away from where google says it is…

    Grz from utrecht (NL)!

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