Can you use the HTC Advantage as a Laptop replacement?


A number of customers I work with have been keen to identify a Windows Mobile device as a potential laptop replacement.  Now it all depends on your job as to whether such a device could deliver that for you however Jenneth has written an excellent article on GearDiary as to how she is using her HTC advantage as a laptop replacement.

Jenneth is using a combination of 3rd party applications along with the inbuilt Windows Mobile apps to acheive her goal. 

I must give this a try as right now my HTC advantage has become more of a demo device due to the fact it is so well specified (GPS, 8GB Drive and VGA out) and the fact I can load a huge array of applications to it! 

You can check out Jenneth's article HERE

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  1. Paul Ockenden says:

    I think the Advantage is great as a technology demonstrator, but works less well when it comes to real world use. In particular the keybaord/screen/magnet arrangement means that the screen is always at a fixed angle – you can’t tilt it to get a good view or to avoid reflections. Also the keyboard is too close to the screen for a comfortable working environment.

    It’s a real shame the keyboard connection is old-skool electrical. If it had been bluetooth (say) then it would have been possible to detach the kdb and prop the screen up on something a few inches away. Even better if the screen had its own stand mechanism.

    Also, typing on that keyboard is pretty horrible. A co-worker here described it as "shaking hands with a dead man". I wouldn;t go that far, but it’s certainly not nice.

    BUT…. having said all of that, I do thing the device in utterly brilliant as a demonstrator of the various mobile technologies available – it’s a real "everything bar the kitchen sink" device. And as readers of my PC Pro column will know, it’s also the world’s most expensive fridge magnet!

    I just don’t think it works well as a laptop replacement.


  2. MSDNArchive says:

    Paul – good insight – it looks like Jenneth agreed with you as she was using one of the excellent Bluetooth Stowaway keyboards and mice!

  3. Oh my gawd is all I have to say. So Jason started the ball rolling by posting Can you use the HTC Advantage

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