HTC S730 Review on Tracy and Matt’s Blog



If you are looking for a new 3G Windows Mobile 12 key device then your two HTC options will probably be either the Touch Dual or the S730.

Tracy and Matt's blog have got a great review on the HTC S730

Check it out HERE

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  1. Craig says:

    The S730 is a nice phone in theory but the production model still has some bugs to work out. I have had several crashes, where applications just shut down randomly while i am using them. Usually Internet Explorer but I have seen it in other apps as well. Bluetooth support for Carsets is still pathetic but this is most likely in the MS Bluetooth 2.0 stack and will hopeful get fixed eventually.

    The build quality is good and I have no problems with the keyboard sliding out as described by the reviewers.

  2. euanga says:

    The problem with this phone is that its not 3g in the US, its Europe only in terms of frequencies. HTC and MobilePlanet have both changed the info on their web sites but for months it was supposed to work in the US with 3g

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