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Windows Mobile 6.0 Devices for your Shopping List

I mentioned that last time I was in Redmond visiting the Microsoft HQ - I met up with Max and created a video for On10.

Check out the glasses - the last time I wore them before I had Lasik when I got back to the UK!


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  1. REem says:

    The glasses you also wore in Amsterdam were (I think) some nice Oakley ones ! ;o)

  2. Andrew Terry says:

    I subscribe to on10.net in my podcatcher and I didn’t realise it was you until your name popped up on the screen, and I thought, "Hey, I read that guy’s blog!".

    Good video… it’s just a shame they couldn’t have given you a longer slot,  because there were some nice devices and features there.

  3. adebilloez says:

    I finally take the time to look the video… a great one, short but presenting one of the most attractive device running Windows Mobile!

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