HTC release Bluetooth fix for TyTN II, Touch and S710

I haven't seen this issue myself but if you are (according to HTC) experiencing dropped calls occurring when Bluetooth is on then you are in luck as HTC have released a fix for the HTC TyTN II, Touch and S710.

Luckily it's a CAB file so no need to reflash your device and your data should be safe.

You will need to login to the HTC Eclub website to get download it

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  1. EdH says:

    Is the install for this a bit strange to anyone else?

    download the zip

    transfer the CAB to your device

    tap the CAB – it "installs"

    "Install" successful

    Now you have a "Kai6492_Hotfix" icon in Start|Programs

    Some temp*.cab installs

    Now you have to soft reset.

    If this is accurate, I wonder how many tapped the cab and thought they were done?

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