Free Slingplayer Mobile and discounted Slingbox


I met with Aaron from SlingMedia last week.   I've been a big fan of their solution for quite sometime now.  It really helps me get access to my TV and favourite shows when I'm travelling no matter where I am. 

I watched the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Hong Kong on my Slingbox, I watched the BBC coverage of the World Cup in Boston and even managed to watch England Rugby whilst I was sat having Breakfast in Seattle!

Aaron was kind enough to create an offer for those of you based in the US where you can get the Sling Solo for $159.99 (normally $179.99) and you will also get a Free copy of Slingplayer Mobile! (Worth $29.99)

It's only valid till the 31st December 2007 so hurry!

You need to go to HERE to get it

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  1. May C says:

    It irks me when all these deals and promos are "valid to residents of the continental USA only".  Grrr.  The rest of us in North America are obviously chopped liver.

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