Windows ‘7’ and Windows Mobile Confusion…

There have been quite a few blogs that picked up on Hilton Locke’s post on Windows 7’s new features.

This post has started lots of discussions on touch functionality and some confusion between Windows 7 and our mobile software platform Windows Mobile.   

Windows 7 is the name of the next PC operating system in development by Microsoft, set to follow Windows Vista.

Despite the confusion - the large number of posts following Hilton's blog post does reinforce the keen interest in the future of touch screen devices though!

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  1. Fritzly says:

    The way I read your post is that the comment by hilton Locke was a bout Windows Mobile and not Windows 7; am i correct?

    Personally I think that only the Tablet PC would benefit, actually more than a benefit a "Copernican revolution" would better describe it, from this kind of functionalities.

    As far as my desktop I would rather have an improvement in speech recognition, but a real one where you could be able to speak to a mic positioned on the desktop or integrated in the camera on top of the monitor in spite of a "real-life" background noise.

  2. Glen says:

    I think this confusion just goes to show how much the mobile phone market is waiting with baited breath for Microsoft to actually DO something with WM.  We urgently need WM7 — right now!! not 6.1 next month, or WM7 in 2009 or later…  WM7 needs to be in the hands of the reseller partners no later than  March 2008 for products to be released within a few months after that. No matter how you spin the unit sales, Microsoft is desperately loosing out on handset sales to S60 and iPhones.

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