Using a mobile device as a barcode


This week I had to take the Chiltern Railways line into London from Aylesbury.  To my surprise Chiltern Railways have a system where you can prebook and the barcode is stored on your mobile device removing the need for paper tickets.

No sooner do I use this than I also spot that Continental Airlines in the US are also trialing this. 


It's an interesting concept and I will be intrigued to see what the outcomes are.  I've seen many organisations try and use Mobile Phone's as barcode scanners which has failed miserably because of the challenges of lighting conditions typically.  This reversal though I think could be very useful as long as the passengers are using mobile devices capable of displaying a barcode. 

You can get more details about what Continental are up to HERE

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  1. Swampthing says:

    Consumers can get the best physical world navigation tool for their mobile device at

    The reader should navigate the physical world in one click.

    It should be more than just a barcode reader.

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