All I want for christmas is….

This Nokia LightSaber Application ported to Windows Mobile. 

I got demo'd this application at Mobius...I am a total Star Wars junkie and it pains me to see this great application only available on the Nokia N95.  It uses the accelerometer on the N95 to provide a lightsaber sound and the buttons for the clashing of 'sabers. 

Having seen 3d Lawn Darts using the Camera to detect motion... surely some smart Windows Mobile Developer somewhere could port this....


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  1. Sean says:

    Set out a plate of cookies and a Windows Mobile device with an API-accessable accelerometer for Santa, and it might happen <g>

  2. Ross Dargan says:

    lol, cant help you with this one Im affraid!

  3. Trevor says:

    Unfortunately the traditional two handed grip of the light sabre would probably obscure the camera rendering you defenseless against hordes of N95 wielding clones…….

    Hang on for a Starwars game on the Wii….

  4. Trane says:

    My workstation used to make noises like this whenever I moved the mouse.  But then I replaced the power supply.  Two weeks with a lightsaberPC will make you lose it.

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