The Next version of Windows Mobile….

Today I'm at our Mobius Conference and we showed the next version of Windows Mobile to a number of influential bloggers.

Sites such as EngadgetWMExperts and amongst others are carrying some details about the next release.

I've had a number of people email me asking for more.. but unfortunately I can't share anymore other than what exists on the sites above......

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  1. ShootTheJ! says:

    I realize you guys can’t give away the goods too early but why even show it to bloggers if they can’t talk about it? It’s what they do.

  2. MSDNArchive says:

    Essentially so we get great feedback to drive our future strategy and planning

  3. ShootTheJ! says:

    Oh, that makes sense.  Well If you show it to me, then I can also give you great feedback. 😉  I know you can’t do that but I would like to offer some feedback. Not on this new version but on WM in general.  Could you guys make the top and bottom bars (start menu, time, etc.) translucent so that the wallpaper is visible beneath it?  The solid bars are confining and they make the layout feel rigid.  I think it would look cool. 🙂  I hope you enjoy the rest of the Mobius Conference.

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