Google release Google Maps Mobile 2.0 with Positioning without GPS

Live Search is still my favourite application for Maps and Local information however Google has just released an updated version of it's competitive application Google Maps Mobile 2.0 now has support for My Location, a positioning feature that works without the need for a GPS. You can download it from


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  1. I tried this out on my commute home last night. While I was in the city centre, walking to the station to catch my train it was working pretty well. On the train, the more rural the area, the less accurate it was (understandable, I guess), although it usually had the railway line passing through the circle. By the time I’d got home at the coast though, it had my location a good 3 miles further south than I was, and in the North Sea. Still, it gets you closer than searching by city name.

  2. J.C. says:

    Too bad it doesn’t work for the Blackjack.  Why NOT?!?!?

  3. MSDN Archive says:

    Jonathan – the accuracy with all GPS triangulation really depends on the number of cells within range so that’s why it is probably better for you in built up areas…

    JC – in what way doesn’t it work?

  4. Craig H says:

    Google Maps 2.0 DOES wrok on the blackjack. Im running it right now. No problems. You have to get the windows mobile version, ive heard people using the java version have had problems

  5. sfiorito says:

    The Blackjack doesn’t support the necessary API to retrieve the CellID. Navizon is a standalone "software" GPS you can use with any mapping program.

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