What to buy the man who has everything?

I had to laugh when I read Steve's blog article about what to buy the man who has everything... (Of course the standard response is Nothing...) My Wife was asking me the exact same thing at the weekend.  She was further annoyed because I'd already been out and bought new socks..... what was there left 🙂

It actually got me thinking there should be a Facebook (or other social networking related site) application where you can reach your wife/husband/girlfriend/boyfriend/significant others friends to build a Christmas gift list for your loved one....  That way my wife could ask all my techy friends what to get me for Christmas! 

I've circumvented the need for this year by giving my Wife my friend Yatty's email address (he is the one person I know who's house I always come away from needing to make a technology acquisition)  (One of my friends actually refuses to come to my house anymore as he says it always costs him too much money in technology purchases 🙂 )

Now in all seriousness for Steve - and all other similar geeks out there... the top options have got to be:

1) SONOS - www.sonos.com - this has to be the coolest way to distribute music around your house (and it's a doddle to setup too!)


2) Guitar Hero 3 - http://www.guitarhero.com/ - http://www.guitarherogame.com/gh3/ - Forget Air Guitar - this is massive fun - especially with the new wireless guitars!!


3) Scene It - http://www.xbox.com/en-GB/games/s/sceneitlightscameraaction/ - another XBOX game but a great way of avoiding the re-run of Wizard of Oz....Check out those cool wireless controllers!


4) LapJacks - www.lapjacks.com - How to turn your boring laptop into something very cool!  You can even get a custom image made into the laptop cover!


4) Wi-Fi Detector T-Shirt - http://www.thinkgeek.com/tshirts/generic/991e/ - Can't survive without bandwidth - this t-shirt is for you (Steve - I know you are going to hate this one)


5) Ultra Mobile PC - The Sony Vaio VGN-UX1 was incredibly expensive but has just been slashed in price (in the UK) by nearly 40% - Of course you could buy the EEPC (running XP or Vista of course) but for me the UX1 is much much nicer!


6) VOIP Mouse - I've been using one of the Sony VN-CX1 VoIP mice with Office Communicator for the past few months now... you can use it with Skype too.  Nothing quite beats - Firstly people thinking you are completely mad and talking to your mouse, then them realising that it's a phone and a speakerphone!


7) Igo Charging solution - www.igo.com - I've invested in these chargers and all the tips so I can charge anything, anywhere with just one charger! A very cool solution!  (I'm still waiting on that Zune Tip though)


Hopefully something there for every price range 🙂

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  1. David Clark says:

    You should get a powermoney instead of an igo for charging your devices, you can even recharge using solar power. See http://www.powermonkey-explorer.com/


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