Exchange 2007 Service pack 1 – Why it’s important for Mobile Users

Exchange 2007 Service Pack 1 has just been released to the web for Download.   It even made the front page of the latest Technet Magazine which is quite surprising for a Service Pack. There are many key enhancements in Service Pack 1 however from a mobile perspective there are some very important additions. With Service…


Office Mobile 6.1 – you can now buy it online

If you have a Windows Mobile 6 device that didn’t come with Office Mobile (for example the HTC S620) you can now buy it from the Handango Retail store. So….. 1) If you have a Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC or Windows Mobile 6 device that came with Office Mobile you can use the FREE…


Office Mobile 6.1 released

OK – so we had a bit of a false start before…. but… Office Mobile 6.1 has now been released for Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC and Windows Mobile 6 devices.  The upgrade is a FREE download from and will allow you to open and edit Office 2007 file format documents from Word (.docx)…


The Next version of Windows Mobile….

Today I’m at our Mobius Conference and we showed the next version of Windows Mobile to a number of influential bloggers. Sites such as Engadget,  WMExperts and amongst others are carrying some details about the next release. I’ve had a number of people email me asking for more.. but unfortunately I can’t share anymore…


Google release Google Maps Mobile 2.0 with Positioning without GPS

Live Search is still my favourite application for Maps and Local information however Google has just released an updated version of it’s competitive application Google Maps Mobile 2.0 now has support for My Location, a positioning feature that works without the need for a GPS. You can download it from  


The Brits totally get what iPhone is all About

I spotted this great cartoon on Steve’s blog from the Fake Steve Jobs Blog about the class structure in the UK and how Brits will adopt the iPhone.  The cartoon from the Telegraph is very funny…


System Center Mobile Device Manager events in the UK

We’ve just announced 2 events in the UK next year which will focus on our recently announced System Center Mobile Device Manager 2008 Product as well as Windows Mobile.  If you want to learn more about the future roadmap of Windows Mobile or are interested in understanding more about System Center Mobile Device Manager (whether…


What to buy the man who has everything?

I had to laugh when I read Steve’s blog article about what to buy the man who has everything… (Of course the standard response is Nothing…) My Wife was asking me the exact same thing at the weekend.  She was further annoyed because I’d already been out and bought new socks….. what was there left…


Vodafone almost crack 1 Billion UK Pounds in Data revenue

Last week Vodafone announced their half yearly results.  What was interesting was that Vodafone now separate out non-voice revenue into messaging and data revenue. The total revenue for non-voice was 967 million UK Pounds which was approximately 20% of the overall group revenue.  Voice revenue only grew 7%, Messaging revenue grew 9% whilst Data grew…


When my mailbox fills up – when will my device stop sync’ing?

I was talking with a customer who was confused why they couldn’t get their email to sync to their device even though they could still receive new email on their PC.  After a bit of investigation – This was due to Mailbox Quotas – the mechanism in Exchange to enforce limits on how much email…