Check out our new Windows Mobile site


We just launched our very cool new Windows Mobile site.  It's very different to our usual websites but check it out HERE

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  1. Dave Evans says:

    It is in FLASH – what company is this?

  2. Tobie Fysh says:

    But yet again its US centric, when will the UK get its own mobile experience?

  3. Paul Miller says:

    The Start button is clever, but, oh god, where is the STOP button???!!! Horrible, horrible, horrible, trying to read or look at ANYTHING with that frightful jittery road movie going on in the background. I have never run away from a website so fast…

    And why does it show only a tiny fraction of all WM mobile devices?

  4. I was going to send this to our R&D group as a sample of what you can do with Silverlight.

    So I wanted to check which version of Silverlight is it using…

    Which version, You ask…  ADOBE FLASH…

  5. gwyncole says:

    I looked and couldn’t believe it was using Flash! My MSDN Blog feed had a post the other day that contained the following link that shows Microsoft are using Sliverlight in some of their sites:

  6. Carl says:

    It’s definately different from other MS sites, but it’s just flash?  It doesn’t seem anything too innovative to me.

    It’s a little too annoying for me.  It’s hard to concentrate on anything with that background, and it ends up just making me nautious and wanting to leave.

    It was nice for the first few mins, but how many times do I have to see US streets?

  7. Leigh says:

    I thought it was cool – guess I’m easily pleased :-$

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