Stephen Fry Guardian Column


Stephen Fry is a comedian/writer/actor/film director and many more things….

He is also a total Geek when it comes to Technology!  He owned the second ever Mac and claims to have not ever been able to stop himself buying the latest Smartphones! (a man after my own heart)

I blogged about his article sometime back on all things Mobile but now as well as his fascinating blog he has also just started a Technology article each week in the Guardian. 

I loved part of his first article …

What do I think is the point of a digital device? Is it all about function? Or am I a “style over substance” kind of a guy? Well, that last question will get my hackles up every time. As if style and substance are at war! As if a device can function if it has no style. As if a device can be called stylish that does not function superbly. Don’t get me started …

You can read the rest of the article posted HERE

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