New i-Mate Range


Rob over on the Expansys Blog has posted a really good summary of the recently announced new i-Mate devices.

There are essentially 4 new devices with differing specifications so hopefully you can find one that will fit your needs:

JAMA 101 – small, compact Windows Mobile 6.0 Professional touch screen device with a fast processor

JAMA 201 – Windows Mobile 6.0 Standard, QWERTY keyboard, 300MHz processor and a large QVGA screen means this should be a huge hit

Ultimate 8150 – Windows Mobile 6.0 Professional with 2.6-inch touch screen, numeric keypad, 520MHz processor and 3G/HSDPA

Ultimate 6150 – Windows Mobile 6.0 Professional with 2.8-inch touch screen, 520MHz processor and 3G/HSDPA

You can also get lots more details on the recently completely revamped i-Mate website

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  1. Amjad says:


    Been a long time, hope all is well. Check out the Samsung F700

  2. Amjad says:


    Been a long time, hope all is well. Check out the Samsung F700

  3. Mike G says:

    Top tip: do yourself a favour and order from somewhere other than Expansys.  My current order (placed on the basis of reading about them on this blog) was dispatched 3 days late, then the courier company didn’t even bother to attempt to deliver it (they said they "left a card at 2054", which is hard when the company postroom is shut then), nobody bothered to contact me to arrange re-delivery, Expansys have already washed their hands of it, and were extremely rude on the phone.

    USELESS company, but no surprise given their postcode.  AVOID.

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