System Center Mobile Device Manager 2008


Today at CTIA Wireless we announced System Center Mobile Device Manager 2008.  

This is something I've been desperate to share broadly so it's great too see we've finally announced it! 

My webcast tonight covered this in some detail.

So what is System Center Mobile Device Manager 2008?

It provides IT departments the ability to secure and manage Windows Mobile devices.  It is the first server product ever just for Windows Mobile phones and integrates with the infrastructure that organisations use to manage their existing IT infrastructure.  It also allows workers to access company information and line of business applications from a single, secure place behind the firewall using a cutting edge Mobile VPN.

There are 3 core areas of capability in Systems Center Mobile Device Manager 2008.

1) SECURITY: Windows Mobile devices will be able to participate in Active Directory.  They will join Active Directory and can then be managed through Group policy to allow administrators to control the features and functions of a Windows Mobile Device.  You can control whether WiFi can be enabled, the camera can be used, which applications can be whitelisted or blacklisted.  There are over 130 policies that can be deployed.  

2) DEVICE MANAGEMENT: IT teams can manage Windows Mobile phones end-to-end through a single solution rather than many, helping save time and resources.  

  • Easy distribution of software over the air
  • Easily add more users as needed and as solution grows
  • Over the Air enrollment of devices- just type in a password and go.
  • Integration with Windows Server and mobile development investments, such as AD, GP, MMC Console, Powershell, WSUS 3.0, and Microsoft Dynamics

3) DATA ACCESS: System Center Mobile Device Manager 2008 provides a Mobile VPN that gives a secure single point of access to the corporate network.  You can use this to access any line of business applications or Intranet applications.  It also enables a fast reconnect if disconnected and provides easy transition from Wi-Fi to carrier networks with Internetwork Roaming

System Center Mobile Device Manager will be available in the first half of 2008.  

I will be posting lots of information about this great announcement over the coming week but right now check out our brand new Website

Feel free to post any questions you may have!

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  1. Guy Adams says:

    Hi Jason,

    Will this new product be free like WSUS and GPMC and if not when will we find out about pricing?



  2. adebilloez says:

    Great webcast for a must to have tools. Happy to see that managing device is not finnaly only bundled to Exchange.

    Hope an availabillity soon to partner in order to compare with partner solutions like Sparus Software.

  3. m@ says:

    Along with the Group Policys, can we send wap-provisioning xml to devices using SCMDM08?

  4. MSDNArchive says:

    Guy – pricing hasn’t been released yet.  

    Adebilloez – it will be available soon 🙂

    M@ – Yep you can do that

  5. Jeremy says:

    Will it be possible to set-up policies with respect to what documents can be accessed wirelessly and/or downloaded onto the phone?  thanks

  6. tonyso says:

    What is the SKU? How does the customer obtain this? Is it part of ESML?

  7. Steve Lamb says:

    tonyso> an SKU is a Stock Keeping Unit – i.e. something you can order – a product.

  8. Jeff Meyer says:

    As a Gold Partner in Advanced Infrastructure and Information Worker competencies, how can we get involved in beta testing for this product?

  9. Mike McMinn says:


    We’ve been using Intellisync for one of our customers which has some cool features in terms of scheduling policies to run. Do you know if there is a complete list of the SCMDM policies available to check out?

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