Tracy and Matt Blog review the i620

Over on Tracy and Matt’s blog they have done an indepth review of the Samsung i620. Interestingly it’s not Tracy or Matt that did the review but Mark.  I won’t spoil the review but he certainly seems to like the device 🙂 You can read the review HERE

Windows Mobile 6 upgrade for the AT&T 8525.

AT&T have just made available the software upgrade to Windows Mobile 6 for their 8525 device. Remember when you upgrade your device it will kill ALL data on it! You can get access to it HERE

Check out our new Windows Mobile site

We just launched our very cool new Windows Mobile site.  It’s very different to our usual websites but check it out HERE


Stephen Fry Guardian Column

Stephen Fry is a comedian/writer/actor/film director and many more things…. He is also a total Geek when it comes to Technology!  He owned the second ever Mac and claims to have not ever been able to stop himself buying the latest Smartphones! (a man after my own heart) I blogged about his article sometime back…


Treo 750 and Treo 750v Windows Mobile 6 Upgrade

Palm have just released the upgrade for both the Treo 750v and the generic Treo 750.  Previously only the Vodafone Treo 750v upgrade was available. The upgrade will take your device from Windows Mobile 5.0 to Windows Mobile 6 Professional.  It’s definitely a worthwhile update as it the Treo 750v really felt like a new device…


Pantech Duo Launched in the US

The Pantech Duo has finally been launched by AT&T in the US! Interestingly what you see above is not two separate phones but the SAME phone.  It has both a slide out QWERTY and a 12 key phone keyboard! Not only that but it also HSDPA !!! There is lots of information on AT&T official…


Mobile Phones on planes – please no…..

It may sound a surprise but I’m actually against using Mobile Phones on planes… not because of safety concerns but really because I don’t want to be sat next to some self-important idiot chatting away to their friends/colleagues for the benefit of those sat around them.  This is a common occurrence I have to endure…


Co-Pilot Live wins Best Sat Nav Software

Co-Pilot Live version 7 has just won the PDA Essentials Best SatNav Software award!  I’ve been a big fan of their solution for a long time as it’s enabled me to find my way in the US, UK and Europe for the last few years!   They’ve also got some great corporate capabilities for extending the…


JetCet Print 5.1 released

Westtek just released version 5.1 of their JetCet Print solution.  You can print to Network Printers or printers equipped with Bluetooth.  It supports Direct IP , Bluetooth, Internet Printing Protocol and Microsoft Shared Network (CIFS) printing.  You can print a large majority of the common file formats – .doc, .rtf, .txt, .pdf, .ppt, .pps, .xls, .htm,…


New i-Mate Range

Rob over on the Expansys Blog has posted a really good summary of the recently announced new i-Mate devices. There are essentially 4 new devices with differing specifications so hopefully you can find one that will fit your needs: JAMA 101 – small, compact Windows Mobile 6.0 Professional touch screen device with a fast processor JAMA 201…