Office Mobile Update

Yesterday I blogged about an Office Mobile upgrade and then had to remove the posting.  


This was because in the final preparation our Product team posted an internal site that was not intended for public consumption and it was then immediately removed.


A number of bloggers and Windows Mobile sites picked up on the post our web team made.


I've had a number of questions relating to what happened to the link and when the upgrade will be available.


Microsoft will put out upgrades for Office Mobile to support the new Office 2007 file formats in the near future.


In the next few weeks you will see more information pertaining to the availability of this upgrade.


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  1. Surur says:

    You know, what would be really cool would be if this could be pushed out via windows update on the wm phones.  Else, whats the point of having it?


  2. Hope you didn’t get into too much trouble!

    I actually picked it up from so it appears that someone released ‘it into the open’

    It still begs the question what is ‘Microsoft Update’ for on WM6. Never seen anything available, however there have been other patches released that one would think should come down that route (Recent time zone adjustment updates for one)

    If you’re ever allowed to blog again, I for one would love to know how Microsoft plan to use this update feature.

  3. Jason says:

    I’m always allowed to blog 🙂

    Windows Update was designed to deliver critical security fixes to Windows Mobile devices…  Windows Mobile Update is there to ensure our customers were protected if such a situation occured.

  4. John Burn says:


    I’m confused about the version numbering in this (brief) annoucement. It made it appear that the update would give you Office Mobile 6.1 and that you needed 6.0 or prior installed on your device. However, my version of OM is already at 6.1 (although it doesn’t seem to support the Office 2007 .docx, .xlsx and pptx files — not that that concerns me since I don’t and won’t ever use Office 2007, but I suppose someone else may send me one…

    I have an HTC-provided WM6 OS installed on my device (a TyTN).


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