Palm Treo 500v


Yesterday was the launch of the Palm Treo 500v device!  This device has been rumoured on the 'net for quite some time now and I've been lucky enough to use one for about the last 2 months!

Before you get too excited - the picture above is of the Ice Sculpture that Palm had at the Press Launch!  They haven't made a transparent device...though it is available in both White and Grey (see below)

image image

The Palm Treo 500v gives people quick access to Vodafone live! services and to all the benefits of Windows Mobile such as Windows Live for Windows Mobile (including e-mail, IM and search).  This development is part of the strategic collaboration to standardise the use of the Windows Mobile platform in Vodafone's smartphone portfolio.

I just uploaded a video to YouTube to show the user interface on the device.  Unfortunately Pocket Controller doesn't seem to capture the smoothness of it...



The first thing people notice about the Treo 500v is that it doesn't have a touchscreen .   To be honest with Windows Mobile 6 Standard you don't really need the touchscreen as most people I know who have switched quickly adapt.    The second thing people notice is that it's considerably slimmer than it's 750v brother. 

The device also has some great features:

1) 2.0 Megapixel camera which takes excellent photos.

2) Really bright colourful screen

3) Mini USB connector for charging and syncing (at last!!)

4) 3G for high speed data connectivity.

5) 150MB of memory, expandable with microSD expansion card

6) Bluetooth with support for A2DP!

 It will be available in stores from October 1st so go and read more about the device at the Palm website

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  1. You have one? Lucky you man. It’s a really nice device but the lack of WiFi is a real letdown for such a new device.

  2. Jason Langridge is the Mobility Business Manager for Microsoft in the EMEA region and a total geek. He

  3. Nice sleek device. Thin is definitely in.

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