Engadget and Palm – an interesting exchange

Whilst catching up on my feeds I read Engadget and noticed their article entitled - Dear Palm: It's time for an intervention.

It's a fascinating article where Engadget are offering Palm some guidance on how to move forward with their product line. 

I have to admit I really do love my Palm Treo 750v.  With all the devices I use on a regular basis - the Treo keyboard is really hard to beat. 

After reading the Engadget article I certainly agree with many of their comments around the devices.  They really do need to be thinner, integrate WiFi and provide some different form factors.  The Treo form factor has been around for a long long time now.  Of course I don't agree they need a completely new OS 😉

Whilst reading my feeds this morning I then spotted on the Palm Blog that Ed Colligan (Palm CEO and President) had responded! Thanks Engadget 

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