Sprint Mogul – special pricing


The Sprint Mogul – is a slim QWERTY slider with a 416Mhz processor,  256Mb ROM/64MB RAM, CDMA EVDO (upgradeable to Rev A), and comes with Windows Mobile 6, .NET Compact Framework 2.0 and SQL Server Compact Edition preloaded in ROM.

Our Microsoft Sprint team has created a special offer Microsoft Partners, Developers and IT Professionals within the US. 

Get your Windows Mobile 6 phone from Sprint with .NET CF 2.0 and SQL Server CE at a special price:

$299 WITH A NEW CONTRACT, FREE 512Mb MicroSD Card  AND 10% OFF MONTHLY SERVICE (Normal Price is $549.99)

You can get details of this offer by following the instructions HERE

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  1. Wayne Schulz says:

    Sprint SERO gets this for $289 plus for $30/mo – 500 voice, unlimited EVDO data (no extra charge), unlimited MMS. And if you ask persistently and nicely within the first 30 days of the contract you can get 6pm NW as well as unlimited SMS TEXT.

    If you don’t know what SERO is, I’ve summarized it:


  2. nfurtwangler says:

    I recently got this phone (through a similar deal I got as an internal Microsoftie) and I have to say the phone blew me away.  I had never really used a smart-phone before, but I can say without a doubt I will never go back to the bad-old-days when all my phone could do was make phone calls.

  3. Gaines says:

    Is this offer valid for new SERO plans? If so, this is a great deal!


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