A del.icio.us plugin for Windows Mobile


If you use Del.icio.us then this plugin could be useful as it allows you to post directly to Del.icio.us from Internet Explorer Mobile. 

You can read more HERE

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  1. Dale Lane says:

    Thanks very much for the link – very kind!

    If people give it a try, it’d be great to get feedback.


  2. WMExperts says:

    This is super cool – it’s a plugin for PocketIE that posts a bookmark to your del.icio.us account. I use and love del.icio.us quite a bit, so being able to easily post to it not only from my desktop (I like the Mac-only Pukka for that learning something

  3. Dale Lane says:

    If you tried this before now, you might want to know that it is now repackaged as a CAB file – which makes it much easier to install. Just run the CAB file on your PDA (and it puts the files in the right directory and registers the DLL for you.)

    As before, you can get it from http://dalelane.co.uk/files/posttodelicious.zip

    Hope this helps!

    Kind regards


  4. Dale Lane says:

    If you found this useful, you might be interested in "Turn into TinyURL" – a similar plugin for generating TinyURLs.


    Suggestions for any other web services that might be made more helpful on Windows Mobile with such plugins would be gratefully received.

    Kind regards


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