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Over the weekend I was playing with one of the i-mate Momento picture frames.  I-mate is known primarily for their Windows Mobile devices but this picture frame is a very cool piece of consumer electronics.

The picture frame does not use Windows Mobile but Windows embedded software and comes in two sizes 7inch and 10inch.  It has support for a wide variety of memory cards so you can just slot in a card from your camera and display your pictures.

The really interesting function of the picture frame though is it's support for the Momento Live service via it's integrated Wireless 802.11 b/g support.

If you sign up online then you can upload pictures to the service or just email them to the email address that is setup.  A few seconds later the picture frame then notifies you that a new picture has arrived! 

This picture frame could be a great present for Grandparents/in-laws to share pictures of grandchildren and family (as long as they have WiFi and Broadband)

Like Slingbox this is now one of my favourite pieces of consumer electronics!

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  1. DK says:

    And if you have a Windows Vista PC, it’s one of the very few Sideshow enabled devices available so far…all in all a great device.

  2. wortho says:

    I got one as a present and I think the online album feature is a great way to share pictures. Unfortunately the wireless reception of the device is so poor that it has to stand in the same room as the wireless access point. This makes it practically useless unless you want to have the access point in the living room.

  3. irblinx says:

    Very tempted by this and my Router is in my lounge so no problem there :o)

    Can you use the online album from a WM device though? This would be absolutely killer functionality, enabling you to do a private photo blog for your family when you’re away from home ….. perhaps best not to mix with alcohol though!

  4. This seems to be über cool 🙂 My wish list just got updated! Over the weekend I was playing with

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